Year of Wonders play

Year of Wonders the play is based on Geraldine Brooks’ award-winning novel, set in the village of Eyam during the time of the plague in 1666.

Brooks a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer has gifted the theatrical rights to Jane Arnfield who has brought this award-winning novel to the stage for the first time with the help of director, and long-term collaborator Mike Alfreds. Their previous collaboration The Tin Ring by Zdenka Fantlová toured to over 14 countries and played to thousands of audience members. The production has been supported by The Forge and Arts Council England & Carole W productions.


The Forge had spoken to Jane and recommended that she meet with us and it was in this meeting that we discovered Jane & Mike only had 3-weeks to promote the play before it previewed at the first venue. Therefore they wanted us to launch a social media campaign that would help to promote the play along with producing a set of Q&A videos that could be used during the promotion and then as a post-production tool too. 


  • Promote the play and help to sell tickets
  • Create a social media strategy and design assets
  • Produce a set of Q&A videos
  • Document the BTS story of the production


  • Facebook adverts campaign 
  • Social media templates were designed to give a strong look and feel to the posts
  • A welcoming and positive tone of voice was created to encourage people to come and watch the play
  • Hashtags & Keywords were researched
  • We carefully researched and developed an audience profile, this helped us to tailor our marketing to a specific audience. 


Please see some examples of the social media posts and videos that we created in order to promote the play via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.





We only had 4-weeks to promote the northern tour of YOW, so we were very restricted with both the time and budget. Our first idea was to film a Q&A session with Jane and Mike. Then these full-length videos were edited into 1min sections that could be promoted on Facebook & Twitter. We also set up a photo shoot with Jane to create some visuals that could be used over social media. Finally, as the performances took place, we gathered reviews from the audience each night and took photos of them holding up a review board with a star rating. 

These posts proved very popular; we also found that engaging the public in conversations led to several ticket sales too. We had two nights of the 7-night run sell out which again was fantastic. Overall we were thrilled to engage so many people through social media and for the play to reach a new audience. 



“Jane and Jay were fantastic to work with on developing a social media campaign for Year of Wonders. They are great at listening and coming up with creative solutions. During the campaign they developed a range of imaginative content across Facebook, twitter and Instagram and despite the tight timeframe were always able to turn things around. I would also commend them for the work they did in liaising with the marketing departments in the venues we visited which required sensitivity and determination.”