Tiree Ballantyne Fitness

Tiree Ballantyne is a personal trainer, and after working for several years and building up her client base, she wanted to create a brand identity that would appeal to her clients who were all female. We wanted to develop a fun, feminine look and feel that encapsulated fitness, health and a positive outlook on life. 



  • To create a distinctive brand using a soft colour palette.
  • It was important that the branding appealed to a 20-45-year-old female audience that is aspirational health and fitness followers.
  • To produce a look and feel that works across the logo, banners, blogs, emails and fitness planners.




Tiree Ballantyne – Owner / Personal trainer

“Jay produced a logo and work out plan templates for my personal training company. The design and colours totally reflected my personality & style. Jay is a super person to work with and makes the whole process less complicated. I would definitely work with him again and recommended him to anyone”