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How to use hashtags on Pinterest

How to use hashtags on Pinterest

Now for many of you #hashtags on Pinterest will seem very weird! As you may have heard Pinterest has been advising it’s pinners not to use hashtags for years however as the way we use the platform has evolved they decided to actively re-introduce hashtags back into the platform from Sept 2017. Here’s what Tiffany Black, Head of Content Business Development and Corporate Development at Pinterest had to say in a Tailwind blog “It’s not the volume of hashtags that’s really useful, it’s actually making sure you are using the hashtags that people will likely be searching for. So not trying to do like 100 because actually doing too many will decrease rank in some capacity because we will think it is possibly spam.”

So now you are allowed to use hashtags it can be hard not to just use the same hashtags that you would if you were uploading an image to Instagram. However, this is not the best practice and the platforms function in completely different ways so here are our top 5 tips on the best practices for using hashtags.


Just like your detailed board and Pin descriptions, it’s important to really think about what the most relevant hashtags are for each image. We would recommend that you only use a maximum of three hashtags per image. As using too many irrelevant hashtags could negatively affect your image in the search. As Pinterest looks at each hashtag and assesses whether the image meets the description of the hashtag. If it feels you are just using lots of hashtags that don’t describe your product to improve your reach it may consider that you are spamming your audience and therefore your image will be shown to fewer people in organic searched. So if you are posting an image of say a Yellow cushion using the hashtag #fun #positivevibes wouldn’t be relevant but using #yellow #cushions #livingroomideas would.

You should also be aware that other Pinterest users may flag up any images that you have used too many hashtags on as spam. Just remember this isn’t Instagram being as specific and accurate with your hashtags as you can and Pinterest algorithms will reward you in time.


If you have been on the Pinterest platform for many years and have hundreds or thousands of your own unique Pins there is no point in spending days hashtagging old content. Firstly it will take you a really long time to even put this into action and secondly you’re better off spending your time ensuring that all new, fresh content uses hashtags as when people are searching they want to find your most recent products, articles and information. Plus old content has had the time to build an audience with saves and shares and new content needs to generate as much traction as possible through the use of hashtags, descriptions, keywords and designed Pins.

Tip 3 – Don’t hashtag Pins you didn’t create

If you Pin content from other websites and Pinterest boards, don’t bother adding in hashtags to these descriptions as you want to spend your time promoting your own created content to your website or blog rather than improving the search results of content from other people.

Tip 4 – USE content that’s already hashtagged

If you currently have an active presence on Twitter or Instagram and you use strong visual images on these social media sites ensure that you are re-purposing this content on your Pinterest platform too. Simply re-size your image from the standard square format to create a long Pin of 736 x 1,104 – 2,061 pixels. Then you can add a more detailed description and re-use the three top hashtags from your Instagram or Twitter post on Pinterest too. Enabling you to reach and re-target to a larger audience.

Tip 5 – Use Hashtags on Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins don’t appear in a normal search whilst they are being promoted so you might wonder why you should include hashtags in the description? Yet those promoted Pins will be Re-Pined by others so once your promotion has ended if they have relevant hashtags the hashtags will help them to show up in later searches and as Pinterest evolves and hashtags become more prevalent you’ll be pleased that you put in these best practices to ensure that you’re ahead of the game.

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