Balanced body nutrition

Balanced Body Nutrition is a health, food and fitness blog written by Tris Van Der Kley. Tris is a Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach and nutritional medicine student. Tris got in-touch as she wanted to learn more about how to improve her social media, plus she also wanted to implement website strategies and learn a few tips and tricks that would help her to grow her website and social platforms.


How training is structured

  • First, we talk to you about your business, to see what help and support you need.
  • Once we understand your challenges we assess your current website and social networks.
  • Then we’ll put together a training plan. Each session is 1hour 30min, plus we’ll set you a little project to be completed for the following training session.
  • Most companies book between 3-8 sessions depending on what they want to achieve. 

Training with Tristen

We worked with Tris in one-on-one training sessions that were tailored to her and the programmes and platforms that she uses for Balanced Body Nutrition. The primary focus was to help Tristen create a monthly social media schedule of posts and to make it easier for her to write and plan her blog posts. We also worked with Tristen on improving her SEO, using key-words in blog posts and creating backlinks. Tristen was a joy to teach, and we loved working with her, plus she was kind enough to share lots of delicious recipes with us too. 


Tristen Van Der Kley

Jane was such an incredible help to me with building my social media and blogging presence. She not only gave me many tools and tips to use but great insight and advice from her own experience and knowledge. Highly recommend for anyone needing to learn the skills in social media marketing and creating content that draws in your audience!