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Have you tried blogging in the past? Did you find it time-consuming and challenging? Then this blog post is for YOU.  Anyone can write a blog. Yes, it may take some time to get it just right, but any brand can and should blog. If you’re asking why?  Here are the reasons:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Educate and support your followers and customers
  • Promote an event or product
  • Adds real value to your e-shots and newsletters

Here we go, Listen and Like’s three top tips for writing a GREAT blog.

Tip one: Choose a relevant topic!

Picking a subject matter can be difficult for business owners.  We found this out when we surveyed 200 small business owners in Melbourne, Australia. They told us that the hardest thing about blogging for their business is coming up with an idea. When thinking about a topic, pick something that is associated with your field of work. If you’re a personal trainer you might want to write about healthy eating or how you can fit exercise into your daily routine? Make sure that the topic is relatable to your company. Also always try to write about something that you’re passionate about.

Now if you are struggling with deciding on your topic why not cheat! The lovely people at have developed a blog generator. That can create five different blog ideas for you. All you need to do is to type three nouns into their ideas box and then click the – give me blog topics button. That’s it. So now there is no excuse for having an idea. Right?

Tip two: Know your audience

You have your topic, now you need to write for your audience. If you have a bricks and mortar shop, office or studio then you’ll know who your audience is already.  If you have an online business it’s important to regularly survey your customers. Often incentives such as discounts or holding a prize draw will encourage people to fill out a survey. If you design a short survey. You’ll need to ask questions that will tell you the following information:

  • Are they male or female?
  • Age?
  • How often do they use your service?
  • What are their interests or hobbies outside of work?
  • What do they like about your brand?

Once you have this information on file you can tailor your blog topic to your audience. Making sure that the blog is relevant to their lifestyle and or budget.

Tone and style

If you are new to writing, try lots of different styles. To see which you prefer and also you’ll find out which creates the greatest response.

Here are the two main blog styles:


This is where you tell a story. It might seem like an obvious and easy style, but to tell a GREAT story you need, a beginning, middle and an end. It also helps if you can build excitement or suspense within your story.

Expert teaching

This premise see’s you as an expert in your niche. You are bestowing information and knowledge to your followers. These articles are informative and interesting, filled with tips and advice.

Tip 3: Grammar and spell checking

We’ve all been there, we write something incredible. We think it’s perfect then when we re-read it the next day it sounds terrible. Basically, when we are in the midst of a creative flow, mistakes can happen that’s okay. If your feeling inspired you should write all of your ideas down. Just don’t publish them until you have checked them over. Below are our top tips for editing and correcting your work.

  • Need someone to spellcheck your work? Well if you’re friends and family are time poor. Try this fun online app that will look at your spelling, sentence structure and grammar too! It’s called;
  • If you want to improve your writing style we’d tell you to read! Read anything you can get your hands on. Novels, other blogs, newspapers, journals just keep reading.
  • If in doubt read your blog post out loud. This will alert you to any glaring mistakes in your grammar and sentence structure.
  • Keep sentences short, as reading long paragraphs off a screen is HARD work.

It’s as simple as that! Hopefully, you’re feeling a bit more confident about your next post. Please let us know your thoughts and comments below. Feel free to share any tricks or tips that have worked for you too. If you have any more questions email:


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